Trail of Six Roses by Sudie Landry

Trail of Six Roses – Second book by Sudie Landry

Sudie Landry’s second book is “Trail of Six Roses: Supernatural Events at Mother’s Funeral – The Spiritual Warfare Series – Level Two.” Here is the link for Trail of Six Roses.


Trail of six roses

After her mom and dad divorced when she was six, Sudie Landry was never allowed to see her mom again. Now she was crying over her mother’s ashes on her fireplace mantel. She was in charge of making the funeral arrangements and had to carry out her mom’s last wishes… depositing her ashes in a certain lake near a cypress tree in an unknown town. Sudie’s strong faith had always been the anchor to see her through the dark valleys of her life, but now she would need the supernatural intervention from God just to be able to do all this. Instead of allowing the raw emotions of grief and hatred to overwhelm her, she chose to let God lead the way by His Holy Spirit. God showed up with several supernatural displays to confirm that His presence was there with them. Four of her siblings and a Catholic priest witnessed what could only be seen in a special effects movie. Get ready to go on a supernatural journey of the Godly Kind.

Her books are for sale at as paperback and ebook formats.

Book three is titled “Mom Bradley’s Crossover: From Deathbed to Heaven – The Spiritual Warfare Series – Level Three.” It is at the printer now.

Book four is titled “Supernatural Encounters of the Godly Kind – The Spiritual Warfare Series – Level Four.” We are finishing it up now and it is coming real soon. She is currently in the process of writing book number five which is titled “Prayer Warrior.”