Fun Times Puzzle and Activity Book (Volume 1)

List Price: $7.95


This book has six types of puzzles and activities for young and old.
There are:

  • Mazes
  • Word Search
  • Kakuro
  • Sudoku
  • Complete the drawing in the grid
  • Word Creation

Mazes – There are various types of mazes of different styles from easy to more difficult.

Word Search is an activity where you find the words in the letter grid.These puzzles range from easy to more difficult and are an educational tool for most ages. Words can go horizontally, vertically and diagonally in all eight directions, including backwards or upside down.

Kakuro and Sudoku are math logic puzzles that will help strengthen various arithmetic skills.

Sudoku strengthens number recognition. There are 20 Sudoku puzzles split between easy and medium difficulty.

There are five Kakuro puzzles that strengthen addition, subtraction, logic and reasoning skills as well as number assignment.

Word Creation – There are an assortment of words listed where you have to try to create as many words as possible with the available letters. Here is an example: bear
Words that can be created from the word bear are: bare, bra, ear, bar, are, era, reb, be

Complete the Grid Drawings – There are two drawings in each set. One drawing is completed and one has areas missing. Complete the drawing with the missing areas. This will help fine motor skills and exercise one’s artistic abilities.

This book is helpful for all ages, from elementary through high school on up to senior citizens who want to exercise their brain and keep their mental faculties sharp.

List Price: $7.95

List Price: $7.95