Dad’s War Photos on Amazon

“When I was age 10, my daddy started showing me his 600 war pictures and telling me his experiences. Later in life, he bought a video camera so he could relate his wartime experiences for history sake, but he got sick and died before he could do that. My new book, “Dad’s War Photos: Adventures in the South Pacific” is to honor his experiences, and to honor the vow I made to him to hold his most valuable war souvenir in high honor – his Japanese war rifle he found in the Philippines.”

Using 400 pictures his father brought back from the South Pacific in WWII, author Neal Bertrand created a timeline and traced his father’s steps from home to boot camp to war and back. Portions of the battalion’s daily journal are included, adding adventure and drama to the story. There are nearly 80 photos of WWII airplanes, some with erotic artwork.

This WWII pictorial is in paperback, hardcover and multimedia ebook format.

The ebook has:

  • over 200 links to vintage Army videos of action in the South Pacific.
  • 21 color maps to help trace his steps from home to war and back on a monthly basis
  • and much more…

See the free 40-page sample at


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