Prevent Dementia with Puzzle Books

Prevent Dementia with Puzzle & Activity Books

It’s hard losing a loved one to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. I know, I have been there. My mother died in 2006 with dementia and Parkinson’s. Exercise your brain with puzzle books or activity books on purpose every day. By doing something different and getting out of the boring routine of life will get your neurons sparking. One way to do this is by solving puzzle books & activity books. We have just published three books that have puzzles and activities for all ages.

OUR PUZZLES ARE MEDICINE FOR YOUR BRAIN! As we get older, we are faced with the challenge of keeping our mind sharp to prevent dementia. It is important that we welcome mental stimulation and challenges. Solving activity book puzzles, such as tracing your path through mazes and solving word puzzles will help activate and exercise your brain. Solving these activities daily is like good medicine for your brain cells. It will go a long way toward protecting your brain and make it less prone to the lesions associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

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